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Don Johnson

Deborah . . . I am blown away by the move to 3D. It's a natural progression (your existing portfolio wasn't flat art), but the impact of Butterfly Effect is stunning, just looking at it on my screen. In person . . . one can only imagine. I also love the basket. All of your existing components, but presented in a new way - an earthenware jar comprised of feathers!! The palette for the Halcyon, Colibri & Plumaje pieces seems . . . lighter, almost brighter somehow - anyway, I like it! Different fabrics to start with? If it was rejuvenation you were seeking, it certainly seems to be expressing itself thru your work! I hope these new pieces fill you with joy! Much love, Don

Anton Veenstra

Deborah, You can be my queer sister anytime. I love the thought you have put into the work: the eco care. The US is ruled by the air sign of Gemini, it's my birth sign, and I love the airiness. By the way do you know Bagemihl's work Biological Exuberance? It really sets out a whole lot of queer, chaos, indigenous parameters to eco discourse. Hope you do well in your latest venture. Please keep in touch.

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